Buena Vista Cocktail Club: Good Things Come in Threes

We had just finished imbibing a couple of cocktails at Kytaly. Impressed as we were by the drinks, the second lily pad on our barhopping tour had us all hyped, and so off we hopped!

No doubt, Alirio scored himself a turkey with his latest addition to the Atelier Cocktail family. Located in the heart of UNIGE’s main watering hole strip, the Buena Vista Cocktail Club offers everything you know and love at Apothicaire and Atelier du Cocktail – plus more food offerings an extra something for the VIP.


Ok, it was dark, and these photos are terrible.

You’ll recognize the decor/ambiance as most closely related to the Apothicaire, and the drinks menu has all your tried and true favorites. Two new things about this place: first, they built up their food choices, adding fajitas (the beef fajita is kind of like bolognese sauce wrapped in large soft flour tortilla- tasty, though not reeeaaally a fajita) tacos and an avocado salad to their usual guacamole, cheese and meat platters.  This is a definite plus in my view, because 3 cocktails and no food = harsh morning after.

The other cool thing is the “speakeasy” style lounge tucked into their basement, which, although not reaaally being a speakeasy, is a nice addition.

Again - so dark. Very terrible photos.

Again – so dark. Very terrible photos.

The room certainly has a speakeasy feel to it (if by “speakeasy” you expect dark, cozy, and located awkwardly close to the bathrooms). But, without trying to nit pick, speakeasies were created, as we all know, during prohibition, when the sale of alcohol was illegal. So there could be no bars. So the bars hid behind delis, laundromats, tea rooms, etc. Secret passwords were exchanged for entrance through bathroom doors, bookshelves and telephone booths to drink the illicit liquors, embellished with tonics, sodas and juices to mask the harsh flavors of the alcohols of the day.  So you’ll understand that hiding a bar within a bar is, well, not really a speak easy. Let’s call it a slightly smelly, dark, VIP lounge, shall we?

But a rose by any other name still smells as sweet, and this VIP lounge, as un-concealed and un-exclusive as it may be, is still a very cool and quiet place to lounge with an ever-so-delicious cocktail mixed by one of Alirio’s own.

After Kytaly and Buena Vista, it was hard to imagine how another cocktail bar might top them off.. but off we went to the third and last cocktail bar of the night: the Spikisi.

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2 thoughts on “Buena Vista Cocktail Club: Good Things Come in Threes

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