IP-SUISSE is an association of small/family owned farms that produce goods for our daily needs while preserving animal and natural life. IP-SUISSE products are GMO-free and mostly do not use fungicides and pesticides. The animals they rear are free range.

Now about 20,000 strong, IP-SUISSE farmers are certified and unmistakeably labeled with a little ladybug. Each product, including cereals, potatoes, colza oil, fruit ciders, fresh milk and meats, can therefore be traced back to its origins.

Look for IP-SUISSE products at the Migros under the “TerraSuisse” label to support biological diversity and food production that is respectul of the lives of animals.

For more info in French and German, check out the IP-SUISSE website: http://www.ipsuisse.ch/Web/IP-SUISSE_id18

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