Terre Avenir Geneve Région

Geneve Région Terre Avenir is both a label and a club. The Conseil d’état (governing body of the canton of Geneva) launched the label to “preserve the agricultural zone so as to encourage local agriculture that is competitive and that respects the environment and consumers, as well as to make sure that everyone has access to agricultural products that are cultivated in the canton.”

Geneva, it turns out, takes its local farmers quite seriously, and has put a lot of effort into educating consumers about the importance of following suit. The people of Geneva requested more information on this issue, and the government responded with this label, which guarantees both quality and Geneva origins.

The Terre Avenir Club was then founded in 2003 to tighten up the links between town and country to learn and educate about the evolution of agriculture.  In short, they organize visits to local producers, from wine tastings, to bakeries, to herb gardens, and outings almost always include a buffet at some point or another.

To sign up to the club and take part in the activities, sign up here.

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    am hungry now..

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