Slow Food Switzerland

Slow Food International

So, ever heard of the Slow Food Movement?

Without summarizing their entire website, in its own words: “Slow Food’s approach to agriculture, food production and gastronomy is based on a concept of food quality defined by three interconnected principles:

GOOD a fresh and flavorsome seasonal diet that satisfies the senses and is part of our local culture;

CLEAN food production and consumption that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health;

FAIR accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for small-scale producers.”

Needless to say, when I came across this, my jaw dropped. I found the promised land, a like-minded community of fair foodies and green gourmands around the world! I read on: in practice, it is an international non profit organization with supporters in 150 countries, AND, you guessed it, Switzerland stands strong among those 150!

Slow Food Switzerland

Slow Food Switzerland embraces the notion that a history of a people is also a history of the food they ate/eat. Culture itself sprung from the ritual of families and communities joining around a table to break bread. So why not continue to celebrate this history?

To do so, Slow Food has structured itself at the local level via ‘conviviums’, basically committees of members through which all activities are operated. Lake Geneva’s convivium has been around since 2003, and seems to still be active!  Activities through 2011 included visits to the historic market in Prangins, the absinthe distillery in Saconnex, a bread mill, Vacherin tasting in Fribourg (droooool!), workshops on preparing traditional Geneva dishes, AND, last but not least, a workshop entitled “Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Beef but Never Dared to Ask.” Um, count me in!!

Check out Slow Food Leman for details on becoming a member to participate in these and more tasty tours!




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