The Green Gourmande

The Green Gourmande is a blog by a NYC-born and Geneva-raised flavor-obsessed 28 year old now living in Geneva. Caught between the avant-guard of the NYC culinary world and the rustic warmth of Geneva’s cuisine and agriculture, this blog brings together all things delicious and decadent with a twist of healthy, seasonal and local.

Why the Green Gourmande?

It represents a food philosophy: fresh, local produce and ingredients and artisan products are not only the secrets to a prize-winning meal, they have the added bonus of reducing our ecological footprint.  They taste better, are better for the environment, and support local economies.

But don’t go thinking this is a health food blog. I am a natural-born and unabashed “gourmande” (French word for people who go bug-eyed when there’s good food around) and the quickest way to put a smile on my face is by feeding me with cheese, dark chocolate, red wine, fresh pasta, roasted chicken, and, perhaps most famously… the potato.

What you’ll find here

Reviews- of restaurants, trying to bring the best of Geneva’s tables to you.

Travel and traditions – musings on food experiences abroad and food traditions everywhere

Green Guide to Geneva – Geneva and its surroundings are full of activities and programs that support local agriculture. What does the Terre Avenir label mean? Which restaurants commit to using local products? Where can you have brunch on a farm? And what on earth is a “produit du terroir”? The Green Guide to Geneva is a collection of restaurants, labels, programs and events that connect the farm to the table.

Recipes – while my dining-out tends towards indulgence, my home-cooking tends towards finding balance. Using locally grown produce and high quality artisan products, these meals do their best to satisfy the spot while staying lean and balanced.

Kates’s Post-apocalyptic Pantry – The Green Gourmande’s first featured blogger bringing to you her home experiments in making things you probably thought just existed as such in nature. But they don’t. Homemade ricotta, here we come!

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