Ambassadeurs du Terroir

Les Ambassadeurs du Terroir Genevois is a label given to restaurants and other businesses that guarantees that the products they use are of good quality and grown in the Geneva region. The label was created in 1997, and recipients of the label are chosen by a committee composed of representatives of the hotel and restaurant industry, winemakers and farmers.

You can check out the Opage website for a complete list of restaurants that have been given the title of “ambassador”.  It’s a long and diverse list, so here are a few suggested starting points.

Au Pied du Cochon, Café de l’Hotel de Ville and Le Lyrique are true Geneva establishments, all right in the center of town. Great for when relatives and friends come to visit and want that typical Geneva old town experience.

In Carouge, la Bourse is one of Geneva’s oldest restaurants and has everything from good pizza, to great grilled meat platters, and is a great place for raclette in the winter. Café de Négociants has the added appeal of having a Michelin star, for the Michelin restaurant trackers, and Le Dix Vins, listed in GaultMillau 2011, receives consistently good reviews – a restaurant not to be missed in this town.

Going a bit further out, the Café du Soleil in Petit Saconnex is known for its fondue and for being another one of Geneva’s oldest restaurants (ballpark 400 years old!), and any of the Auberges listed will make you feel like you’ve been transported back to the Geneve d’autrefois, cozy, warm, classic and delicious.

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