Green Markets

The mother of all green markets in town has to be the Marché de Carouge on Saturday mornings. A common subject of discussion on this blog, as a walk around the market’s diverse stands will inspire all sorts of ideas for new recipes to test out for your Sunday brunch or dinner.

But let’s save those details for later. Other than the market in Carouge, you can purchase produce at smaller markets around town throughout the week. The markets at Halle de Rive and Plainpalais are the biggest and oldest, well worth a morning outing. Be aware, just because they are green markets does not mean that the products are either local or organic. Engaging the vendors can be tricky sometimes, especially at peak hours, but if the origin of the product is not written out, it’s worth asking if they are locally grown or not. Here is a list of locations and schedules to suit your needs.


1. Boulevard Helvétique, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 8am-1pm

2. Plainpalais, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, 8am-1pm

Around Manor: Grenus, Saturday, 8am-1:30pm

Center of town:

1. Halles de Rive, near Rive by the Boulevard Helvétique, Wednesday and Saturday, 6am-1pm.

2. Place Fusterie, Wednesdays and Saturdays, 8am-6pm

Paquis: Place de la Navigation, Tuesday and Friday, 8am-1pm

Eaux-Vives: Pré l’Eveque, Monday, 8am-1pm


1. Grand Pré, Monday and Thursday, 8am-1pm

2. Liotard, Monday and Thursday, 8am-1pm


1. Organic market, Thursday, 4pm-8:30pm

2. Saint-Jean, Tuesday and Thursday, 8am-1pm

Champel: Thursday, 8am-1pm

For a (mostly) complete list, check out Geneva’s market locations and schedules here.

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