El Catrín: authentic Mexican at last

Fans of the Americas and their culinary traditions, you should all be extremely pleased to hear that Geneva has recently seen the opening of a new Mexican restaurant. Long time residents of Geneva will know that we have been deprived of authentic Mexican (or something like it) for far too long. At El Catrín though, the tacos are made with real corn tortillas, the tacos are adorned with queso fresco, cocktails are made with a base of smoky mescal, and palates are refreshed by the a variety of agua frescas- all ingredients that are authentic parts of the smoky, earthy flavours of southern Mexico.

The setting also takes you out of the grey streets of the Paquis: at El Catrín, energy bounces off the walls like a Mexican jumping bean. On any given weekday (except Monday!) you’ll find a young crowd sipping down cocktails and Negra Modelos, and munching on nachos after work. The colorful walls and a minimalist spattering of kitsch keeps the environment buzzing.

Feeling indecisive about the menu? As a starter, their guacamole is creamy and consistent, and served in larger portions than at your average Geneva Mexican restaurant. While the molletos verged towards the dry side, the tacos did not disappoint: the pork options (pibil and al pastor) were tender, juicy and aromatic. The Taco Trio menu gives you a nice tasting of what the place has to offer, and at 35chf, the Combo El Catrín is a steal – by Geneva standards. Only item that failed to impress is the starting green salad, which departs too much from Mexico.   

Basically, an evening here promises lots of goodies all wrapped up in a colorful piñata. But better reserve ahead- with just a few tables, the spot fills up quickly.

PS – Before leaving, don’t forget you can buy their corn tortillas to use at home.

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