Lausanne has taste! August Events

Did you know? Lausanne is Switzerland’s Ville du Gout this year! Which means that there is fun food stuff going on allll year. This summer has already packed in a variety of events, but it’s not too late to join in.  So if you’re boiling hot in Geneva and need a change of scenery, hop on the train to equally boiling hot Lausanne where, at the very least, you’ll get to sink your teeth into goodness.

Night Market/Tables Longues

On Thursdays in August, Lausanne brings gourmet to the streets, offering food from all over and served up Swiss style. From dishes by renowned chefs, to the best homemade gourmet burgers, it seems like you could satisfy just about any foodie style in a DJ-driven ambiance.  Pull up a chair to one of the Tables Longues on Thursday August 15, 2229 at Esplanade du Flon, Lausanne.  

Check out for more info

1 August Pic-Nic

If you’ve stuck to your international corner, you may not know that one of the traditions around here is to celebrate the Swiss National Holiday – August 1st – by having brunch at the farm. Don’t fancy a roll in the hay? Now you can also celebrate it in Lausanne at this festive pic-nic.  Except at this pic-nic, you are expected to go empty-handed!  The pic-nic area in the park is surrounded by a market selling local produce from which you can concoct your meal, from veggies and fruits, to meats to throw on your camping grill. Or you can order a freshly BBQed burger. They even have crafts for kids, and bike demos – a bit random, but can’t fault them for trying. And the day ends, of course, with the fireworks!  When? August 1st! 11am-8pm. // Where? Esplanade de Montbenon. Read more here!  PS – I even here that they will have grills at your disposal, so need need sweat bringing your own… 

Balades Gourmandes

Prefer walking before eating so it makes you feel less guilty? My first advice is to let it go and just enjoy. The Balades Gourmandes are fun in any case, taking you through the woods, tasting local products, and ancient recipes from the region. But let’s not get excited, these are all booked solid at this point anyway. Sorry!

Grand Banquet Canadien

In english, it’s the dutch that get painted as cheap (“going dutch”), while in French, a buffet Canadien means “pot-luck”, ie, bring your food/drink etc. At this event, you’re still eating, but this time you’re in a park, at night, with candles, and there is entertainment. Sounds truly delightful – if you’re willing to share of course.  The Grand Buffet starts at 7pm at Parc de Valency.

Restaurant Day

A VERY cool concept, started in Helsinki, and spreading across the world’s cities, FINALLY making it to Switzerland. Pop-up restaurants all over the city offering up food prepared by amateur gourmet chefs. It’ll be hit or miss, but oh the fun of critiquing it all as you go… August 16th, 11am-10pm. Watch out for the programme, released on August 1st!






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