Absinthe Tastings: Another good reason to join Slow Food Romandie

You knew about the world famous chocolate, cheese, skiing, banks, and maybe even the spas. But here’s a reminder about another delicacy of Swiss renown: absinthe! Hailing from Neuchatel in the 18th century.

Banned in 1915, it took Europe another 80 or so years to come to its psychoactive senses and allow the production and sale of this little, harmless green fairy. Switzerland, for whatever reason, didn’t come around til 2005.

ANYWAY, point being, its back, its booming, and its now in competition for an AOC badge. What do all these different absinthe varieties taste like? who can claim ownership to the original recipe? Why the hype around its legality? As usual, Slow Food Romandie unlocks the door to all things good and wholesome. Consider joining them on 19 April, 2013 for a tasting, a lively debate, and a good opportunity to practice your french! Food brought to you by the DIY restaurant Les Mangeurs

30chf for students and members

40chf for non-members (ie, become a member already!)

To sign up, check out the Slow Food Romandie website, or email its president:  caroline.abu-sada@slowfood.ch

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