A Food Truck is Born

Weeks had gone by – no, months – since I had last put pen to paper (or fingertip to keyboard, as it were). The silver computer now resting under my wrists, the screen open to a blank internet window, I placed my cursor into that long white rectangle where you type in web addresses (whatever those are called). My fingers flinched and hesitated as I searched my stiff, tired mind for the address I was looking for. For all I know, they’ve taken the damn blog down by now, assuming I had died or failed miserably to follow through like so many other bloggers out there. But not me! As long as onion and butter in a frying pan still smell like the purest of heavens, I’ll be wanting to write about food. If only I could remember the address of my own freaking blog!

There will be many essays to come, particularly on food and travel, but since I haven’t quite gotten my act together yet, I offer this little tidbit of news that I stumbled upon happily coming back from vacation in the land of the terrific tapas. There’s a new burger in town, and this time it’s on wheels! The Hamburger Foundation started its engine and has been roaming the streets of Geneva. Other than the old school panini stands, rotisserie chicken booths and the car that’s rumored to sell Thai food around the UN area, I am pretty sure this would be Geneva’s first food truck!

And it is about time, wouldn’t you say? I will be the first to argue that, when it comes to the classics Geneva has it down pat. Entrecote aux morilles, fondue, steak tartare, french fries, filets de perche, salade de chevre chaud can be found in fine order just about anywhere. No complaints, except for the “wow, I really couldn’t be bothered” style of service they seem to embrace. But someone who gets my ear on an almost daily basis, and whose opinion of food is shaped by extensive travel around the world, has pointed out that there is very little variety or imagination in the local restaurant scene, especially given Geneva’s international qualities. At first a little offended by this remark, I browsed through my inner rolodex of food spots to make my counterattack.

But failed. And ever since, it has left me with the uneasy question about why Geneva couldn’t get more creative with its dining life. Why not get a little crazy? Experiment a bit? Be influenced by some of Europe’s other great cities? My queazy feeling got worse as I visited some of these places, not greater than Geneva in size or in cosmopolitanism, and yet you could tell that they were having fun with their restaurants, from food to furniture!

So imagine my delight. There is now a food truck among us, and serving up american style burgers no less. The Hamburger Foundation has yet to be tested, so who knows if the excitement will last. No matter what, it leaves me with slight spark of hope that if Geneva allowed for one food truck, then maybe soon there will be two……… today The Hamburger Foundation, tomorrow Korean-Mexican fusion taco truck? Fingers crossed!

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