Foodie Events in Geneva: March-April 2012

You don’t need a weathergirl to tell you what the weather is like out there- Spring fever is on and in full swing! And naturally it comes accompanied by a host of food oriented activities and excursions. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so  come back from time to time for updates!

Bon App’!

March 24-25, 9h-18h both days

Versoix Choc, the chocolate festival down the road, is happening this very weekend! All the Chocolate greats will be there, from the traditional (Stettler, Rohr, Favarger, Rapp) to the small mom and pop operation (particularly the Hochstrasser fam who will be selling my ever-so-favorite pavés glacés Genevois!), to the delectably trendy Pascal Pascoet chocolates of Carouge.  Folks, this one is a no brainer.

March 31, 19h (in French)

Mozzarella and Wine Tasting with Slow Food Léman – Slow Food Léman, Casa Mozzarella and the Bibarium invite you to learn about locally produced Mozzarella! And it just wouldn’t be a full night without some wine tastings to go along with it. For more info, contact

April 17th and 24th (in French)

The underpinnings of beer – discover the production of artisanal beers in Geneva during this two night session. Good chance to practice your French!

April 18th (in French)

Taste of the wild -Move beyond basil and parsley to discover what other regional plants can add flavor to your dishes – the closest you’ll probably ever get to the Noma experience!

April 25th (in French)

Geneva Mozzarella It may be an Italian import, but this Mozzarrella is still produced locally. Bonus point of the evening? You get to shape some of your own cheese. Yum!

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