Saturday 10 March Outing: The Golden Groin Paté Awards!

Before I go any further, I sense that paté always brings up controversies around the making of foie gras. So I wanted to make a quick mention of this before delving into the announced weekend activity. It is indeed felt by many that the method of making foie gras is cruel to animals, and some US states have even banned it entirely. But what is an issue of animal cruelty to some is a matter of deep culinary tradition to others. There is ample room for debate, and I openly invite your comments.

While the debate rages on, for those of you who appreciate the culinary tradition of paté, I recommend you take a day trip on Saturday to visit the festival of Saint-Caïon! This festival celebrates the pig, and ends with a pork terrine and paté competition. Not to be mistaken with the foie gras.

So what is the Festival of Saint-Caion?? Celebrated in the canton of Fribourg, Saint-Caïon Festival celebrates the pig and all the products that are made from it in the region. Yes, you got it! It is indeed a terroir celebration, and as such I’d put money on the fact that you’ll be able to taste some of Switzerland’s best fresh products – must I remind you where Vacherin cheese comes from??

And we’re all in luck really – the festival has been resurrected this year for the first time since 2003! I’m not sure what the dormant period was attributed to, but I think we can expect a fine revival to relaunch the tradition.

From what I’ve been able to discover so far, the programme includes a farmers’ market starting at 9am, and picks up in energy from 11h30 to 18h30 when you can take a stroll and try some wines and local foods. As usual, there’s something too for the little piglets you may have in tow, including cooking workshops and musical performances!  The day crescendos to the grand finale: a terrine and pâté contest, the winner of which gets to take home…… you guessed it! the Golden Groin Award! And who wouldn’t want to see what THAT trophy looks like on a cool spring Saturday?? Be there at 18h00 to find out!

The dirty details:

When: Saturday March 10, 9am-6:30pm

Where: Battoir de Granges-Marnand, Fribourg canton, in other words, somewhere hereish.

Let us know if you get your oink on!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday 10 March Outing: The Golden Groin Paté Awards!

  1. Stuart says:

    Sounds scrumtious

  2. Alessandra says:

    Be sure to taste CHANTZET if you go, a Slow Food Switzerland Presidio from Château d’Oex:

  3. Gérard M. says:

    Thank you for having posted this article on your blog. I do not know whether you made it to our festival but if this is the case I hope you hade a good time and enjoyed the food…

    Gérard M.

    P.S. one detail: the cantonal border is tricky in this area, Granges-Marnand is in Canton de Vaud and not Fribourg!

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