The Secret of Seven Arts: 5am Steak Sandwiches

It’s 5am. Frank Sinatra’s New York New York just faded out at the Palais Mascotte and you find yourself stumbling out into the cold. (Especially these days – holy cow it’s cold!!!!) You’ve probably downed a good bottle of wine and picked yourself back up with a few rum/cokes, gin/tonics, or vodka/oranges… and let’s face it, you probably okayed a tequila or vodka caramel shot or two in your haze of silliness.

So what now?? You’ve got mad munchies, the Paquis’ prostitutes and drug dealers haranguing you on all sides, and all you want to do is get something in your stomach to start absorbing the alcohol. Well, if you’re sick of kebabs and fresh pastries (ok, I never actually get sick of fresh pastries), the Paquis has a (new?) secret weapon: the 5am steak sandwich at Seven Arts:

Ok so the picture is kind of terrible (for reason, see first paragraph). Let me try to put it to you in words instead:

It’s not the most delicious steak sandwich I’ve ever had – that prize goes to New York’s Sunburnt Cow. The steak is, well, steak, and the bread is… well… bread. But there are three outstanding elements to this midnight snack that make it a must try treat if you’re in the neighborhood: 1) the mayonnaise based sauce is excellent, with just a bit of tang to tickle your taste buds. 2) even at 5am, the bar is super lively, playing great old school music, and the bar tenders are friendly and surprisingly awake and sober (yes, they probably just woke up, while you’re completely sloshed on the other side of the bar). And 3) There is NOTHING quite like a steak sandwich to mop up all that excess alcohol you swallowed in a fit of thirst – not to mention its hangover healing powers.

The danger? It opens at 4ish and STAYS OPEN! Watch for that slippery slope into a bender of a weekend… (got that bro??)


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