New GG Mission: Ranking Geneva’s Best Burger!

This page might be empty right now, but brace yourself for a listing of Geneva’s top rated burgers!

Together with a handpicked team of experts, we’ll set out to test and rank burgers that are renowned for their supposedly succulent, juicy, tasty, cheesy, bacony and savory splendor.  But we won’t stop at evaluating the taste, consistency and make up of the burger and all its elements! In sticking with the Green Gourmande ethos, we’ll also hash out (haha) “green” evaluation criteria! (Because the best burger I’ve ever had was grassfed beef, so I suspect that will count for something!)

But which restaurants are even fit for battle? I know which restaurants have a shot at first place –

– Le Calamar
– Road Runner
– Inglewood (new!)
– Holy Cow (new!)

Which ones are keeping YOU totally distracted from working at 3pm on a Wednesday??

(Hint: leave your suggestions in the comments section below……….!)

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2 thoughts on “New GG Mission: Ranking Geneva’s Best Burger!

  1. Kate says:

    definitely NOT calamar. it used to be good but has gone way downhill since they changed chefs. the last time i went we all received our burgers cooked down to sad little lumps of charcoal and topped with bacon that had clearly been precooked and reheated. and the service was so surly it was nearly violent. boo.

  2. Juliette says:

    Totally agree with Kate! At all levels. I don’t even consider Calamar anymore. But the two new spots I think definitely need a try!

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