Clubbing It at Hotel des Bergues

Word seems to have gotten around about the 5 dolla hot chocolate at the Hotel des Bergues (aka Four Seasons Hotel, for you newbies)! Friends and friends of friends checked it out as the cold set in and it seems we have consensus: it’s decadently delicious!

Among the crew, one fan returned for more. As hunger pangs were striking, she decided to order some lunch before delving into the warm, creamy hot chocolate for dessert.  She was psyched to find out they had a Club Sandwich on their afternoon menu. Her verdict? Best in town!

So last Sunday, after a truly solid night out, I crawled my way back over to meet her at the Hotel des Bergues to share the discovery in its packed, stacked and quartered glory:

Club Sandwich, Hotel des Bergues (Four Seasons)

Friends of Geneva and the blogosphere, let me tell you, I was not disappointed. The bread is toasted just right, so it’s crunchy on the outside, but still soft under the tooth, the bacon is crisp, and the turkey breast is perfectly moist. The salad in the middle is delicately dressed with a balsamic based vinaigrette, and although I forgot to take a picture of them, the fries that come with it are what every fry fanatic dreams of: thin, crisp, hot, and perfectly salted. What’s more, the whole thing is served with these darling little pots of mayo, ketchup and two kinds of mustard.

The catch? You will pay through the nose for it. Best not to even check the price, and indulge in it every once in awhile. (Need a hint? Well the hot chocolate is 12chf and that’s just a beverage so….. yeah. Brace yourself!)

But who are we kidding, after a long night out, a Club of this kind is absolutely priceless!

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