Cologny Christmas Market and Boule de Berlin Bonus!

To my great satiation, I managed to get to my first priority Christmas Market yesterday, the Marché de Noel de Cologny.

So eager was I to find my favorite chocolatiers that we actually showed up before the market was up and running! And in typical Geneva fashion, it was humid and cold out – not the best time to be waiting around for the show to get on the road.

As one of Geneva’s wealthier neighborhoods, Cologny has a very charming little center. The Michelin starred Auberge du Lion d’Or sits perched overlooking the lake, the little old stone houses give off that classic old Geneva feel, and the Place Maunoir, small but cozy, tucks itself into the few boutiques and cafés that line it.

But who were we kidding, it was freezing! Thankfully, the answer to this problem was obvious. Right on the village center is the little Patisserie-Boulangerie TAILLE, one of the few bakeries in town that hasn’t been swept up by one of the big chains. I’ve been on a quest to seek out places like these and determine where to find a really good boule de berlin – a highly endangered species, I kid you not.

This boule de berlin is excellent compared to what you’ll find in most bakeries nowadays. But the sugar is a bit powdery to my taste, rather than being slightly glazed, and I found there was a bit too much jelly inside. Don’t get me wrong though, I ain’t complaining. This thing was simply delicious:


As for the Christmas Market, it was small, easy to get around, and incredibly friendly. After chatting with Mr Hochstrasser (the chocolatier in question, if you haven’t learned this already!) and picking up another round of chocolate supplies, I took a poke around the other stands. They had some lovely handmade christmas decorations and ornaments, and various stands of locally produced jams, fruit wines from apple to cranberry, and a variety of stands whose proceeds would go to a variety of charities. If you’re buying a gift for young children, I highly recommend finding the stand that has old fashioned wooden toys – they are beautiful, colorful, and remind me of what childhood might have been like before we were inundated with all the madness of technology.


But time’s a wastin! Get there before 5pm today to take advantage of these goodies. The Hochstrasser chocolates in particular are in short supply. Their next stop is at the Christmas Market at the Ferme de Merlinge in two weeks – remember of Saturday brunch fame? Stay tuned for more on that!


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