Last Chance for Chocolatey Charity!

You read all about it here last week: the new way of giving, spearheaded by Act in Kind…the delectably dark chocolate and wine pairings… the top notch vendors partnering in this initiative. We all thought it was just too bad if you hadn’t heard about it before reading the post. But we were wrong!

Seize the opportunity to try some artisan quality chocolates, each paired harmoniously with a white or red wine by a true connoisseur. The event is doubly decadent as all of your contribution goes not to the exquisite spread you will be tasting, but to the children of the San Adolfo school in Uruguay.

And now there’s even more of a bonus: a purchase from one of the two partner vendors will also mean an additional contribution to this simple but essential cause.

Don’t hesitate: book your last minute spot now by RSVPing to


Act in Kind, Reaching U & Le Reservoir:

Invite you to sponsor a camping trip for the children of the San Adolfo school in Uruguay- A trip to shape many lives

Join Us for a Fine Wine & Artisanal Chocolate Tasting /// With Maitre Chocolatier Marc André from O’Saveurs and Wine Enthusiast Bruno Gueuning.

/// Frs. 50.- / person

For every guest, one child will travel

RSVP: reply to

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One thought on “Last Chance for Chocolatey Charity!

  1. Emily says:

    Thanks for posting! We look forward to seeing you there. Delicious, decadent and all for a good cause. Win, win all around.

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