Five Dolla Hot Chocolate

It’s only Monday and I can already see this week is going to be amazingly decadent. Maybe it’s partly because of this blog that all of a sudden my social calendar is getting more delicious by the day. I guess that’s the amazing thing about dedicating your energy to the things and people you love most – the universe throws it right back at you in kind!

Well, this week just about takes the cake, with the promise of chocolate and wine tastings, cocktail classes, home cooked dinner with friends, dinner at my favorite restaurant in the world, and last but not least, mama’s thanksgiving dinner. Yup. These are very, very good times.

Perhaps the best part was the kickoff to the week, when I found myself freezing cold after brunch (see previous post on brunch) and dying for something hot to drink. A trusted source had just tipped me off on the hot chocolate at the Hotel des Bergues: in the top five ever consummed according to someone with highly respectable standards. Sold! We scurried off without a second’s thought.

Now, I’m not sure how to finish this post without getting downright inappropriate because the hot chocolate was THAT good. It was better than the best moments of your life. Put together. All at once. Better than when you take off your boots after a long day skiing. Better than that first sip of an ice cold beer on a hot summer day. Better than… um… fill in the blank with whatever is the best feeling in your own life. It’s just… better.

Ok, let me try this again (give me a break, it’s like describing a Monet!) The first sip alone will leave you in a state of bliss, totally satisfied, with an unctious taste of dark chocolate lingering on your palate for what seems like forever. Dark chocolate, yes, but nowhere near bitter. Deep, but with just enough sweetness to avoid that sometimes bittersweet after taste.

And the consistency is key to the poetry of the whole experience. Far from the usual wattery or milky hot chocolate (lord, how will I ever go back to that??)  This hot chocolate is so smooth and creamy, it’s like sipping on satin and cashmere.

So what’s the catch? Simple: it’s 12chf. Yes, the cost of a kebab and then some. But there are ample amounts in a single serving. In fact I could barely finish mine, and if I went back I would contemplate ordering one serving for two. And lets not forget the setting, which is to die for and makes for a great hot chocolate drinking atmosphere: the big comfy sofa chairs, low tables, great service, and silver serveware… it’s a positively luxurious experience, worth every penny.

In sum, and to avoid cussing on this blog, let’s just say it’s as good as that 5 dollar milkshake in Pulp Fiction.

Logistics: Homemade artisanal hot chocolate, best served anytime, at the Hotel des Bergues.

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